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Brand Style

Brand Style Guide


Our visual identity is key. The colors we wear, the logos we fly – they're all part of a visual story that stays with our community.


Color Identity

Color is a critical identifier for our schools. It's a powerful tool for shaping how our schools are perceived and remembered. Orange, Black, and White are the primary colors for our schools. Specific greys can be added as tertiary colors. 



  • Brand Color stylings

Official Logo

Asotin-Anatone School District logo is a symbol used for all our schools. This logo should not be altered. Do not distort, angle, drop shadow, change colors, place on distracting background or move/remove logo elements. In special circumstances text can be added – consult with the school.  

Image of Panther Logo


 SVG Format here



Font Overview


Barlow Condensed SemiBold

For Headers






For Subheaders and Paragraphs





Type Application


"The Asotin-Anatone School District embraces the strengths of our community to develop responsible citizens and inspire life-long learning."


How to Use Brand on Products


  • Follow Asotin School visual style guidelines for proper usage.


  • Alter any of Asotin School logos, colors and graphic elements. 
  • Use Asotin School’s brand on any products that may be harmful to the image or mission of the school.
  • Assign usage rights or grant permission to any other internal or external entity for any purpose without review and approval by the administration.