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If you are interested in how enrollment affects district funding, please click on the fact sheet below.

For information about current enrollment, history, or 5-year projections, please click on the link below:

Running Start  Washington State allows juniors and seniors to participate in Running Start.  It is a concurrent enrollment dual credit program where students enroll in college courses at a community or technical college or a public four-year university.    The classes are taught by the college faculty.   Running Start students may enroll tuition-free up to the equivalent of a full-time student each term, and for a maximum of the equivalent of two years of full-time enrollment.  Students may be responsible for paying a fee to the college.   Districts receive funding from the state for Running Start students but the District is then billed by the college. This is called flow-through funding.  Below is a Running Start History that will show student FTE (full-time equivalent), funding the district has received, and the costs paid to Walla Walla Community College. 

Choice Enrollment (Students enrolled but do not live in Asotin-Anatone School District)

Washington State allows parents to choose which public school they want to enroll their child in regardless of their residence. There are factors where a school can deny enrollment such as the classes being full. Below is the data regarding Asotin resident students attending another school and also non-resident students attending Asotin-Anatone Schools. State funding for a student's education goes to the school in which they are attending.