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Alliance Title Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month


ASOTIN, WA - Pacific Empire Radio and Alliance Title and Escrow had the opportunity to present Jason Emery, from Asotin Middle School, with Teacher of the Month.

Emery was awarded with a personalized stamp from Printcraft Printing, a frozen yogurt party from Spot on Yogurt, an awards certificate from Alliance Title & Escrow, and a $50.00 gift card to Clarkston Heights and/or Ricks Family Foods.

Lewiston, Lapwai, Asotin, and Clarkston School Districts are the schools participating in the Teacher of the Month program.  If you would like to nominate a teacher from one of these school districts, a nomination form can be filled out on One teacher will be chosen each month based on nomination letters received through

Here is the letter of nomination that was received for Mr. Emery:

“I am nominating Jason Emery for teacher of the month. He is my 8th grade history teacher and he is also the assistant coach for high school football. Mr.Emery teaches the whole middle school every day. We have 7 periods a day and Mr.Emery teaches 6 periods every day.  Because he teaches so many classes, he has a lot of work on his shoulders, however somehow Mr.Emery can grade papers for both 1st and 2nd hour before 3rd hour which makes my classmates and me happy because we don't have to wait 3 to 5 days to see our grades or scores on tests. Mr.Emery has been teaching at Asotin for 4 years. He first started working in the Clarkston school district for 22 years and then he came to Asotin.

The first time he came to Asotin I was in 6th grade. He was my science teacher and when I went to middle school he also moved to the middle school with my classmates and I. Then he became my social studies and history teacher for 3 years now. I'm about to go into high school and I'm kind of nervous about it, but I know that I will hopefully find a teacher just like Mr.Emery in high school that I can trust just like Mr.Emery. Even if Mr.Emery doesn't get teacher of the month I will show him how much I appreciate him and he will still be my favorite teacher.”

To view a video of this month’s Teacher of the Month awards assembly click here: